Specialty Customs

Designs are ONLY posted on Instagram @blueprntvol 


Can I wash my hand painted pieces? L

As these are hand painted pieces, the paint will come off. It is a mixture of acrylic and fabric paint. It is best for you to hand wash these pieces in cold water if absolutely necessary. 

Can I iron or steam my painted piece? 

Yes, you can iron your pieces, you should use very little steam while you iron and gentle pressure. If the iron is too hot, and provides too much moisture, it may cause the paint to peel faster overtime or even spread the paint. Ensure to wipe off your iron if there is any site of product on it. It is best not to use a steamer, as it provides far too much moisture. 

I washed my piece, and some detailing faded. What do I do? 

These hand painted pieces are one of a kind, they should be worn a limited amount of times. Only when you really want to pop off. However, if you spill something on your jeans and stain them, you can send the washed pair over to me, and I will do your FIRST detailing session for 50% off. Depending on how much design the pair contains, the price will fluctuate. Per paint session, if heavily painted, a detailing fee is $100. For simple designs, it can range from $60-$80.

Once again, that price if %50 off for your first session.  

What paint is used for the clothing pieces? 

I try my best to paint the majority of my pieces with fabric paint and acrylic paint. Fabric paint helps with longevity, acrylic paint is fabulous for color. Sometimes I gloss the art with mod podge. 

How long does it take for a customized piece to be made? 

Well, this can take anywhere from 1 month to 7 months. Depending on the complexity of the design that was requested. I DO NOT rush my art, I like to heavily contemplate what designs will look best/detailing/shading them. Patience is key, you'll love your pieces, I guarantee! 

Are these designs water proof? 

Despite some of the pieces containing a gloss coat, no, they are not fully water proof. They may be water resistant for a while, but it will cause damage and peeling in the designs. You should completely avoid going inside the ocean water/pool with these pieces on. 

What makes these painted customs valuable?

They are valuable because they are distinct, and the designs are infrequent. are  I don't repeat designs in my art usually, so your piece will have a design nobody can attain, nor have ever seen. It should be respected and cared for heavily, it will definitely turn heads. Think of it as an item you can wear for special occasions, it is not meant to be regular wear. 

Can I refund/return pieces? 

As these items are hand painted, and cannot be washed and prepped %100 back to its sanitary condition, it is not negotiable for a used/damaged item to be refunded or returned. Sizing charts are attached below to avoid mishaps. All items, inclusive of canvases, countered pieces, and nail pieces are FINAL SALE. 

How do I check my size? 

Can I send any personal item for your to paint on? 

I purchase the jeans I paint on from Fashion Nova, however, wallets/purses/shoes/jeans/jackets have all been sent to me for me to paint on. You must clarify if you want your item sent to me and refurbished or I will purchase it completely new.